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There is something about vacation. New destinations, new experiences, and all around fun. If you are looking for a fun way to treat the guys on a trip to Las Vegas, we can help! It’s no secret that boys love their expensive toys…Why not give the guy in your SpeedVegas Ferarrilife a chance to get behind the wheel of something they could only dream of? Check out www.365Tickets.ca and make reservations with Speed Vegas and they will take care of the rest!

Speed Vegas Is A Different Type of Thrill in Las Vegas

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, my friends and I checked out Speed Vegas and you definitely won’t be sorry. Renting a car and driving in Vegas can be tricky and if you want to save money, you’ll try to cut down on the Uber and Lyft usage. The folks at Speed Vegas have a free complimentary shuttle that picks up at most hotels on the strip so be sure to ask about that when you book your experience. You can truly relax and enjoy your trip, no GPS or traffic problems needed.

Check Out the Cars

When you arrive at the attraction, you have the freedom to look around and sit inside SpeedVegas Lamboas many different cars that you want. All the cars are unlocked and the crew at Speed Vegas recommends taking as many photos as you like. When is the next time you will be behind the wheel of a Lamborghini or Porsche?

Safety First

Before you hit the racetrack though, there is a mandatory safety class that is required for all those who will be driving the vehicles. The roughly 30 minute class gives you a look into the basic layout of the track, the rules of the road, and a chance to ask all your burning questions before you put yourself in the drivers seat. While all the cars are manual transmission, there is no need to know how to drive a stick shift car. All cars are controlled with paddles on the steering wheel.

Every person who drives must wear a helmet during the experience. If you felt like I did, you will be nervous when you first get in the car. Every driver has a professional trained Speed Vegas employee with them in the car. All cars have a double set of brakes and the instructors talk you through the entire drive process once you are officially out on the track.

You Are Ready for the Track

After you’ve passed all your safety screenings, get ready to hit the track. The folks at Speed Vegas have many different combinations that you can purchase so you can get the ultimate experience. Don’t know what to drive or stuck between two cars? The folks at the front desk can help!

The track is definitely one for the record books. The 1.5 mile track has 12 challenging turns and 12 thrilling corners. Best of all, there is no speed limit. Your instructor will encourage you to drive as fast as your car will let you. No prior experience is necessary.

Great Fun for Drivers and Non Drivers!

Even if you aren’t driving, this place can be so much fun too! There is a great viewing indoor outdoor observation deck and the taking of photos and videos is highly encouraged. Guests will also have the opportunity to take photos with the drivers at the finish line after the experience is over.

Since the racetrack is live, Speed Vegas does have some non-negotiable rules. Every driver must have on closed toe shoes and I highly recommend that you bring sunglasses with you! The team will also need to hold onto your license while you are out on the track. Be prepared to really enjoy this experience…I had quite the adrenaline rush after I was done. Where else can you hit 185 mph in an exotic car and not get pulled over?

Learn More About Speed Vegas

To learn more about Speed Vegas and to book your tickets, visit www.365tickets.ca.