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Looking for a day of history on your trip to Honolulu? Yes, the beaches can be fun and surfing the waves and dancing the hula can provide nonstop entertainment, but maybe you need something more on that trip? Take a visit to one of the most historic places in the world with a visit to the Pearl Harbor Historic Parks.

Pearl Harbor Remembers December 7, 1941

Pearl Harbor Entry SignOn Dec. 7, 1941, Japanese fighter pilots bombed the US Navy base at Pearl Harbor. Thousands of lives were lost, along with ships, weaponry, and planes. It was one of the deadliest attacks in American history. By visiting the site where it all happened, you’ll feel like you are right back in time.

The USS Arizona Only 40 Feet From Shore

Pearl Harbor is home to the USS Arizona Memorial. One of the more poignant and sad pieces on your journey at the park, you’ll be able to take a moment to remember those who were killed on Dec. 7.

Located 40 feet from the shore, boats take visitors to the memorial. You will walk across the top of the ship, watch a short documentary about the acts of Pearl Harbor and have a chance to pause and remember those killed. Boat tickets are free but Pearl Harbor Hawaii Attraction Aerial Viewoften sell out in the early morning hours.

Don’t Miss Ford Island – the Sister Park

Take a trip to nearby Ford Island, a sister park of the Pearl Harbor Historic Parks. While at Ford Island, you’ll be able to tour a massive battleship. The Battleship Missouri, or BB 63, was an active ship during World War II, Korea, and Operation Desert Storm. She was decommissioned in 1992 and now serves as a museum for adults and children alike to gain a sense of what naval life was like. 365Tickets has tickets to board her decks included in the Passport to Pearl Harbor Package.

USS Bowfin Hawaii National ParksVisit the USS Bowfin

Maybe battleships don’t interest you? Have no fear, a trip to the USS Bowfin is also included in the Passport to Pearl Harbor Package. This interactive museum is located near the Pearl Harbor Visitors Center and takes roughly an hour to pass through.

The self-guided audio tour briefs visitors on the history of undersea warfare, beginning with the first subs ever built to the nuclear submarines that are on patrol today. You’ll also be able to journey down into the tiny halls and walls of the USS Bowfin and visit all different compartments of the sub. Tours of the Bowfin are available in English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean.

Don’t Miss the Pacific Aviation Museum

A stop at the Pacific Aviation Museum is well worth the stop as you journey on Ford Island. There is much to see and do all having to deal with the air and flight journey during wartime. You can get up close to that of the Tomcat, an F15, Sea King, a Thunderchief, Wildcat, and a Warhawk. You can also take a climb up to the control tower and participate in real life combat flight simulators.

End your day with the Pearl Harbor Virtual Reality Center where you’ll be treated to three different virtual reality experiences. You’ll be able to walk the decks of the USS Arizona before she was attacked on Dec. 7, Witness the attack on Battleship Row from a 180-degree viewpoint, and experience the USS Arizona Memorial.

Taking a moment out of your vacation to learn about one of the most infamous attacks on American’s will really add that special moment to your trip. Head over to 365Tickets USA to book your Passport to Pearl Harbor Package today and be sure to check out other attractions and activities in Hawaii.

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