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Visiting Tampa and looking for a little thrill action? A stop at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is a must stop. With thrills and spills for all ages, there is nothing this theme park can’t bring to your vacation.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is home to a ton of coasters, thrill rides, water rides, and more. There are even animal encounters. You can spend an entire day at the 335 acre park and even that won’t be enough to experience everything.

Thrills at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Coming in Spring 2019, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay will be home to the tallest launch coaster when Tigris opens her launch bay for the first time. The new coaster will offer those brave enough to ride her will encounter forward and backward launches, a 150 foot surge, an inverted roll, all at more than 60 miles per hour. Adrenaline rush anyone?

Are you a free fall fan? Don’t miss Falcon’s Fury. The 335 foot free standing tower provides a heart racing drop. Are you brave enough?

During the ride, you’ll enjoy a nice calm ascent to the top of the tower, but get ready, it won’t be a relaxing trip down. Your seat will pivot 90 degrees in midair and plummet 60 miles per hour down 300 feet.

The Congo River Rapids

Congo River Rapids is the perfect ride for those hot Florida afternoons. This ride will cool you off as you take a whitewater rafting expedition.

Make sure to protect yourself with a poncho if you don’t want to get soaked, this is the ride where that will happen. During your trip down the river, you’ll encounter spouting jets, waterfalls, and water caves.

Bonus, if you are feeling a little devilish, join those on the Congo River Banks and fire water jets at those who are passing by on the ride. If you want to get wet but want the thrill, definitely head to Sheikra, yet another rollercoaster with a soaking wet twist.

You’ll get the 90 degree initial drop, head for loops, and drop again at 70 miles per hour into an underground cave. The fun comes at the end with a splashdown finale where everyone will get soaked.

Over 300 Species of Animals

Busch Gardens is home to over 300 different species of animals throughout the park. The park is considered Tampa’s largest zoo and you can book tours to get up close and personal with as many of these animals as you’d like.

For an additional fee, guests can get a VIP tour of the Animal Care Center and learn what it takes to care for thousands of different animals. During the 45 minute tour, visitors get up close to the treatment rooms, labs and surgical suites where the local veterinarian staff care for all types of animals.

Those Adorable Penguins

Tampa Bay Busch Gardens Penguins

If you are anything like me, my favorite animal to see at the zoo is that of the tiny little penguin. I just find them so adorable and love their little waddle. When I went to Busch Gardens Tampa, I had to do the Penguin Insider Tour. You get to meet a penguin and talk to the penguin keepers. During the 30 minute experience, you’ll learn about caring for penguins and the conservation initiatives in South Africa that have taken place to protect the endangered species.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Giraffe FeedingSee the Serengeti in Tampa!

The theme park is also home to the Serengeti Plain. If you book this additional experience, you’ll get a 30 minute tour of the plain and get up close to many different species of animals. While you explore on the open air safari vehicle, you may also be lucky enough to stop and feed the giraffes.

Ready for some thrills and up close animal encounters all at this one stop shop? Make sure to leave time in your Tampa Bay vacation for a visit to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Head over to 365 Tickets Canada now to get your tickets.

Megan Roche

My name is Megan and traveling is my game! I love riding rollercoasters, exploring new theme parks, visiting some of the most historical sites in the US, and writing.

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