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When you think of Florida, you think of beaches, theme parks, wildlife, and what else? Alligators.

Welcome to Gatorland

Gatorland Orlando Florida Attraction 365 TicketsWelcome to Gatorland, the Florida theme and adventure park that’s all about, you guessed it, gators!

Located in Orlando, Gatorland is chock full of nonstop adventure for the whole family. Open seven days a week from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, there is so much to see and do, it’s best to start as soon as the park opens.

Included in the general admission price is the free flight aviary, petting zoo, the express railroad, a splash park, shows and a natural breeding marsh.  Many other adventures are available for additional fees.

Are You A Thrill Seeker?

Want a thrilling adventure? Gatorland has it! One of the thrills that guests can have includes the Gatorland Screamin’ Zipline.Cuban Croc at Gatorland in Orlando Florida 365 Tickets An extra fee applies, but talk about an insane thrill. The zipline goes 1200 feet above the alligator breeding marsh, complete with 130 alligators and crocodiles watching below. For the animals safety, no personal belongings are permitted on the zipline. Lockers are available.

There are multiple shows at Gatorland, sure to please little and big kids. The Gator Wrestlin’ Show was one of our favorites. Call us crazy, but we wouldn’t get in a ring with one of these animals! During the show, gator wranglers catch a 6 to 8 foot alligator by hand, climb onto it’s back, and point out interesting features. Gatorland also offers the Gator Jumparoo Show, Critters On The Go Show and Up Close Encounters Show.

Look For New Experiences?

Breeding Marsh Tower at Gatorland in Orlando Florida 365 TicketsA new experience is guaranteed to bring the entire family close to the gators is the Gator Night Shine. The hour and a half tour brings guests to the alligator breeding marsh at night time, armed with flashlights and hot dogs. Reservations must be made in advance.

Ready for some fun with Florida’s most popular animal? Head over to 365 Tickets Canada to get all your gator air boat rides and Gatorland tickets now.

Megan Roche

My name is Megan and traveling is my game! I love riding rollercoasters, exploring new theme parks, visiting some of the most historical sites in the US, and writing.

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