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Niagara Falls Helicopter TourNiagara Falls is one of the places in the world that should be on every bucket list. As a natural wonder, the best way to see Niagara Falls is by air, land, and sea. When guests do all three, it’s no wonder they walk away with a new found appreciation for this natural wonder. So if you’ve done land and sea, how about flying over Niagara Falls in a helicopter?

Niagara Falls Helicopter Tours

Lucky for you, you can visit Niagara Falls Helicopter Tours and do just that!  These guys will give you the sky view of rushing water that a boat or walking tour just can’t deliver. With your 12-minute helicopter ride, you’ll be able to clearly see the rushing water and get a feel for just how fast it is really moving.

Even if you’ve been in a helicopter before, there is nothing quite like the sensation of flying over the turbulent rapids and thunderingNiagara Falls Helicopter Tours waterfalls of Niagara. This is just spectacular.  This scenic flight gives you bird’s eye views of the natural and man-made wonders of Niagara and opportunities for amazing photographs.

Getting to the helipad is simple. The city of Niagara is not very big and there is plenty of parking available on site. It’s also accessible using public transportation and Uber.

Niagara Helicopters Limited, who was our tour guide, has over 50 years of service and their pilots were all very conscious of all safety regulations which put some of our more nervous passengers at ease.  Not all helicopter companies are the same and we appreciated their emphasis on safety.

What To Expect

The helicopters were surprisingly comfortable and we all had a great view. With our individual headsets we could listen to the pretaped commentary which was enlightening.  We had the chance to look down on all three waterfalls: American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe Falls.  There is also great viewing of the incredible engineering projects like Rainbow Bridge, the generating plant and the Aero car.

Of course, a trip in a helicopter deserves proper photo documentation, right?!  You will have many, many photo ops and a chance for fantastic selfies. Let the excitement commence!   Seeing the Falls from this perspective is like no other. When the weather is clear you can see the skyline of Toronto to the north and the shores of Lake Erie to the South.  Let the selfies commence!

For before or after your flight, there are picnic facilities, a snack bar, and gift shop for film and souvenirs. Flights depart daily, 9 am until sunset, weather permitting so start planning your experience now.

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